Sunday, 23 January 2011

And so we Migrated

Some great images from the opening day of Migration 17/01/2011.
Photos © Matt Graham
Snapshots of a few of the artworks.

A swan finds my work interesting.

Looking for 'Traces'

Olivia Rowlatt's 'Wasteland'

Sam Bowditch's '[568] Paper in Flight'

Nick Stamp 'Move along there's nothing to see here'

Melissa Mahon 'Platoon'

Olivia Straker, Jo Priest, Annabel Williams, 'A Lasting Stitch'

Me introducing the Mayor of Bath to officially open the exhibition.

Meet the Team!

The Chronicle 20/01/2011

Work Pictured: 'A Lasting Stitch' by Olivia Straker, Jo Priest and Annabel Williams.

Monday, 17 January 2011

'Traces' for Migration

So, in response to the theme 'human interaction with the natural environment', last Tuesday I swept the lakeside walk for litter. So few human traces are left here to litter the landscape. Findings were shredded and encased in this box.

Most of the works are now in situ, and the opening of Migration is tomorrow afternoon. So fingers crossed everything will be in place by then.
Exhibiting in an outdoor, semi-public space has certainly been testing. A learning curve. Not only are the natural elements fighting against the work as hard as they can, but vandals have had a go as well! Trying not to get stressed with it, and attempting to think of them as 'unexpected collaborators'.

Fingers crossed for sunshine this week!