Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Collections of reflections.

I've really been missing the studio whilst working full time for the summer. So in the evenings I've been wandering the streets taking photos of things I find interesting, just using my little digi camera to capture the moment. I've also continued collecting little lost things in jars. Here are just a couple of photos I took a few days ago of some broken mirror on the pavement - I think somebody's car wing mirror that had smashed on the ground. As I walked past I could see my abstract reflection moving across all the scattered pieces. I tried capture the reflections of the grey sky and the trees above.

I wanted to talk about some work that I made a couple of months ago, that I've been thinking about alot , but I can't find the memory stick I have all the images on - panic alerts! When I find it, I will share my thoughts...

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