Monday, 25 April 2011


As if I don't have enough to do at the moment in the final weeks of my degree, I have made myself a website! It is currently running on Cargo - but soon to have my own domain name (, I'm too eager to wait so I thought I'd share the results of my hard work!


  1. nice website Jenny, was it free? xx

  2. Cheers Ruth, yeah the basic template is free, but you can upgrade and then you have to pay for the hosting to have your own domain name (rather than the cargocollective/...) and more pages etc. You have to be invited to use this cargo malarkey, so if you want to use it give me a heads up and I'll send you an invite! x

  3. yes please Jenny, that would be ace! my email is ...thankyou, i really need a website! xx