Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A sad day for straws

I'm moving house next weekend and I have no space for hoarding. They've been in boxes for 11months since the Tactile Bosch show. I was feeling ruthless - on Sunday, my 22000 drinking straws had to go.

So we drove to the recycling centre in St. Philips and I asked one of the attendants where I could recycle them. He told me to leave them with him and he'd take them to 'plastics'. Two or three minutes later, I returned to dump some more rubbish in 'household waste' and there were my straws, unceremoniously tipped out in the skip. He didn't even recycle the cardboard boxes. I actually got a little unexpectedly choked up and lay awake thinking about my trusty straws for hours that night, wishing I'd kept just one bundle for good measure. 

I'm finally over it now. Here they are, headed for drinking straw Heaven. Thank you straws, it was good while it lasted.

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