Monday, 14 June 2010

A bit of background info...

I have a bit of an obsession with over head projectors. I love them. Big, clunky and outdated but just simple, honest machines. I used to use them as an aid for drawing and painting on a large scale, but now I keep one in the studio as a tool for looking at things. I can switch it on, put something on top and get a kind of instant painting on the wall, an instant 2D translation. Opaque things create a really cool silhouette, but transparent things are even more interesting. When something is magnified and projected, all the little scratches and pieces of dirt are exaggerated and enlarged. With glass objects, those factory marks, letters and numbers on the bottom become really clear, and you can really begin to appreciate the form and the colour.

These objects are second hand, bought in a charity shop. I like that someone has used them before me, because then they have a kind of memory attached.

This is a projection of all the pieces of broken glass and plastic I found on the short walk between home and my studio.

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