Monday, 1 November 2010

All That Glitters # Day 1

One evening down at Illuminate Bath! Fab night with the launch party in the Green Park Brasserie with art and poetry projections going on in the station, and my installation in the foyer.

I installed a selection of found and used objects in plastic pots and glass jars, and invited passers by to participate by selecting and projecting their choice of objects on an over head projector. Simple.

Pleased with the feedback tonight, and it's been interesting and exciting to see how people interact and participate. They are usually timid to start, not sure whether to touch.

I'll be installing the work in the foyer of Green Park Station tomorrow and Wednesday evenings too (2nd and 3rd November 5-8pm each night) so please come along and be part of the art!

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  1. Looks excellent Jenny!!