Thursday, 25 November 2010

Bath students collaborate with Tate Modern!

It's been a busy week! Along with 11 other artists, I have been curating and hanging an exhibition in the School Gallery, Sion Hill. It's Called 'No Working Title' and is the outcome of a really exciting project which took place in Feb/March this year. In collaboration with Norwich College of Art and Winchester School of art, 12 fine art students from each institution were randomly paired up and via post or e-mail sent each other a set of instructions, in order to create a piece of artwork. We met up at the Tate Modern and revealed what we had made, in a day of conversation with Ann Coxon, Assistant Curator of Displays at the Tate, who also visited us recently in Bath to talk about how to curate this travelling exhibition. The over-arching curatorial theme we chose is that of items being sent and received, packaged and unwrapped. Not a white plinth in sight! Brown parcel tape links each set of instructions with their resulting artwork.

The instruction I received, from Sarah Adams at Norwich, was to "make something that would be considered time consuming". I made a 1000 piece puzzle and documented the time I laid each piece, and to pass even more time, I made a stop motion animation in which I attempt to dissolve a leather-strapped wrist watch in sodium hydroxide.

I sent instructions in the form of a photograph of a projection (see above). I received a beautiful aluminium cast of a collection of 'precious' objects.

Lots has been going on in the studio too, I'll update with images of my new work soon!

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